How an difficult and unwanted tenant was quickly relocated in 4 days

Robert, Glendale Arizona

Solving the Unsolvable: Eviction Assistance and Real Estate Solutions for Tough Family Situations


Selling a property is rarely a straightforward process, but when you add familial complexities and tenant issues to the equation, it can quickly become a labyrinthine endeavor. This was precisely the situation that Robert, a homeowner in Mesa, Arizona, found himself facing. With a residence on Lupine Avenue that had become increasingly problematic, he reached a point where traditional real estate methods seemed insufficient to address his predicament.

Recognizing the need for a specialized approach, Robert turned to Unbiased Options Real Estate—the Mesa-based firm known for its comprehensive, tailored solutions in property transactions. Our team was able to offer a multi-faceted strategy to assist Robert, from eviction procedures to biohazard removal, ensuring not just a sale, but a sale that met Robert’s needs and circumstances.

This article aims to explore the complexity of Robert’s case and illuminate how Unbiased Options Real Estate employed a range of services to bring about a satisfactory resolution. Stay with us as we delve into this compelling case study.

The Unfolding Dilemma: Navigating the Complex Landscape of Probate Real Estate

Inheriting a property can present more challenges than opportunities, especially when it comes with a host of logistical and emotional complexities. Robert found himself in a situation that illustrates this perfectly.

He inherited a property that wasn’t just a traditional real estate asset but a proverbial Pandora’s Box of concerns. The house on Lupine Avenue came into his possession through probate, mired in complications that extended beyond basic maintenance or simple tenant issues.

Robert says, “My mother was getting up there in age. She could no longer really care for herself, so she needed someone to take care of her. We had one of my nephews living there with her to kind of help and watch, but it turned out he was just doing more damage than good.”

This evolved into a severe tenant problem. “I gave him more than enough time. He refused to get out and just became a hindrance throughout the whole process,” Robert adds. As if that weren’t enough, the property’s condition had deteriorated to such an extent that it needed more than basic cleaning—it required tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.

This was a problem encompassing tenant issues, family dynamics, and deteriorating property condition.

When Traditional Realtors Fall Short

When dealing with complicated family dynamics in a real estate situation, traditional avenues of assistance often prove to be insufficient. Robert learned this the hard way.

Robert described his initial attempts for help saying, “We knew we needed help and that it was going to be a long, drawn-out process. We had no idea what to do. We had called multiple realtors and professionals to try to help us out of this mess and none of them knew how to help. They all said to call back once Anthony was out of the house.” This left Robert and his family with a bleak outlook, feeling trapped in a situation where professional help seemed unattainable.

The traditional real estate agencies they reached out to did not possess the expertise or resources to navigate such complicated terrains. Real estate, at its core, often involves more than just property transactions. Normally, it encapsulates emotional hurdles, sometimes there are legal challenges, and occasionally, there are even safety concerns.

“We did not know how to get our, unfortunately, mentally imbalanced nephew physically out of the house peacefully. We were very concerned about how that was going to happen and the aftermath of his violent tendencies.” Robert recollected, highlighting the seriousness of the issue.

Conventional realtors are adept at showcasing properties, analyzing market trends, and conducting financial transactions. But when it comes to intricate family dynamics, eviction facilitation, or conflict resolution—services that extend beyond mere buying and selling—they often fall short.

In these situations, specialized services such as real estate mediation and eviction assistance offered by Unbiased Options Real Estate become invaluable. Their comprehensive approach goes beyond conventional property selling to tackle the unique obstacles that clients like Robert face.

Max’s Timely Intervention

“Max came in, organized everything up, advised me on what to do,” Robert recalls about their first meeting. At this point, the complexities surrounding the property had woven a knot that Robert couldn’t see himself untangling. “It was years in the making, and we saw no easy way out, and Max somehow made the best possible outcome,” he added.

Their initial sit-down wasn’t just a cursory review of the property; it was a comprehensive strategy session.  Max said, “After walking through the situation and assessing the options to get his nephew out of the house, it seemed like it may be possible to bring things back to some semblance of normality”. That was exactly what Robert needed.

But what truly set Max apart was his honesty. In a world where sales-driven agendas often drive conversations, Max’s approach was refreshingly transparent. “Everybody today that I’ve dealt with tries to sugarcoat because they want to make the sale,” Robert observed. “I would rather have all the facts up front in my hands before I commit anything. And that’s what Max pretty much did for me. When something was ugly, he straight up said, ‘hey, this is ugly. This is going to be messy.’ And I was like, okay, well, now I know how to deal with that.”

This wasn’t just about property transactions; this was about finding solutions to problems deeply rooted in family dynamics and failed prior attempts at resolution. Max promised more than a transaction; he pledged a multi-layered approach that factored in eviction, repairs, and legal concerns—a scope of work that traditional real estate services wouldn’t even consider.

Robert felt something he hadn’t felt in a while: reassured. “He was so grateful when he gave me a call because, not only did I understand the situation, but it’s the type of situation that we solve day in and day out for clients just like him” said Max. With Unbiased Options Real Estate, he didn’t just find a realtor; he found a comprehensive solution to an overwhelming problem

Taking Control of the Lupine Property

When faced with property destruction and a hostile occupant, Robert was uncertain about how to reclaim his home legally. This is where Unbiased Options Real Estate stepped in by quickly connecting Robert to their favorite eviction attorney. “They got me the legal advice I needed, right when I needed it,” Robert remembers. The attorney clarified that Anthony, who never had a signed lease, had few rights to the property. They advised Robert to call the police immediately and file a report, providing crucial evidence to back his case. Max from Unbiased Options Real Estate also helped Robert obtain an order of protection from the police, a significant legal move.

Securing the Property: Cameras, Locks, and No-Trespassing Signs

With Anthony temporarily out of the house, the focus shifted to ensuring he couldn’t regain entry. “I was on edge, constantly watching the house,” Robert recalls. But Max took quick action, installing security cameras and ‘No Trespassing’ signs—both required in situations like this. They also enlisted a locksmith to change the locks, sealing the property against unwanted entry. “Before the night was over, we had successfully taken back the property,” says Robert, summing up the rapid turnaround that Unbiased Options Real Estate was able to orchestrate.

Going Above and Beyond: Living in the Property

Here’s the kicker: Max didn’t just stop at securing the property and going home. Knowing the high risk of Anthony attempting to break back in, Max took an extraordinary step—he decided to live in the property for the next few days. Robert reflects, “It’s something that an average professional would not do for their clients, but Max and his team pride themselves on doing everything.”

Taking control of the Lupine Avenue property wasn’t just about evicting an unwanted resident; it was about peace of mind, security, and ensuring that Robert could move on to the next chapter without any lingering fears. Now, with the property finally under control, it was time for Robert and Unbiased Options Real Estate to look towards the future and rethink their plan for selling the house.

Finalizing the Sale

So with a property successfully reclaimed but thoroughly worn down by neglect and intentional damage, you could almost see the decision-making wheels turning in Robert’s head. Should he invest more time, money, and emotional energy into fixing the Lupine Avenue house for a top-dollar sale? Or should he opt for a quicker, less hassle-ridden route?

Choosing the Path of Least Resistance

Robert, taking stock of his journey thus far, made a pivot. “I didn’t want to go through the hassle of fixing the property and listing it,” he confided. “Given the circumstances, an investor’s cash offer with a quick closing seemed the best route.” This is where the beauty of Unbiased Options Real Estate’s multi-offer and optioned approach came into play. “We’d initially offered him various selling options, one of which was buying the property ‘as is’ from an investor. Robert took us up on that offer”, said Max.  Robert, thinking back, remarked, “Max did what he could to get me as much as he could for the property, and I think we made out pretty decent for what we had.”

Quick Turnaround, Happy Client

Robert accepted our cash offer, and the deal was sealed in less than a month. Quick, smooth, and just like that, Robert had turned a dire situation into a satisfying resolution. It’s not just about offering options but about offering the right options that empower our clients to make the best choices for their unique situations. “The most rewarding part,” Max reflects, “is helping people sell their real estate who normally would not be able to without our hands-on approach.”

The Rewarding Experience

“I think my brother said multiple times how much stress Max took off his shoulders,” says Sia, Robert’s sister. She continued, “He was relieved to have someone he could trust to handle the crazy family dynamics and lift that weight off his shoulders. Max gave him light at the end of a tunnel he saw no end to.” But wait, there’s more! “And now,” Sia adds, “he’s even guiding my brother through his next steps—helping him build his credit, look for an appropriate new home, and walking him through the process in a respectful and uplifting manner.”

The property on Lupine Avenue was a complicated puzzle, but for Robert, it represented something much bigger—a labyrinth of legal, logistical, and emotional challenges. Breaking free required more than just selling a house; it needed a nuanced, personalized approach. And that’s exactly what Unbiased Options Real Estate provided. From reclamation to sale, the journey was less about real estate transactions and more about empowering Robert to navigate a maze he once thought had no exit.

Lessons Learned

  1. The Necessity of Customized Approaches: Just like fingerprints, no two property-selling situations are identical. Robert’s Lupine Avenue property clearly demonstrated that. This was not a “list it and forget it” type of case; it required legal expertise, eviction management, and a plethora of other specialized services. A conventional real estate service could not have delivered what Unbiased Options Real Estate did—a multi-faceted strategy tailored to the client’s unique needs.
  2. Don’t Undervalue Legal Guidance: We’ve all heard the saying that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Robert faced a daunting legal scenario involving eviction, property damage, and police reports. Without prompt and accurate legal advice, he could have faced months or even years of additional complications. An experienced eviction attorney can spell the difference between a situation that’s resolved efficiently and one that spirals out of control.
  3. The Balancing Act of Emotional and Financial Stakes: At its core, real estate is more than a financial transaction; it’s a life transition. Robert had to juggle the emotional turmoil caused by a problematic family member with the financial imperatives of selling the property. The situation demanded not just a real estate solution but an emotionally intelligent approach.
  4. On-the-Fly Strategy Adjustments: You know that saying about best-laid plans? Yeah, they often go awry. Robert initially considered fixing the house for a top-dollar sale. But upon weighing the emotional and financial costs, he opted for a quicker, less stressful exit strategy. This pivot underscores the importance of having multiple options at your disposal, so you can adapt as circumstances change.
  5. Above and Beyond is the Standard, Not the Exception: Dealing with a unique and challenging situation like Robert’s isn’t the time for bare-minimum effort. It’s about rolling up your sleeves and doing whatever it takes to secure the best outcome for the client. Whether that means installing security cameras yourself or actually staying at the property to ensure it remains secure, exceeding expectations isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a must.