How an unexpected hoarder inheritance was handled remotely within days.

Loretta, Clinton Indiana

Inheriting the Unexpected: Loretta’s Story of Tackling a Hoarder House from Afar with Unbiased Options Real Estate

Inheriting property can sometimes present unforeseen challenges, especially when the property in question is hundreds of miles away and filled with a lifetime of accumulated items. When Loretta, a resident of Indiana, found herself in such a predicament with a house in Mesa, Arizona, she turned to Unbiased Options, a recommended real estate solutions company.

A Daunting Inheritance and a Timely Recommendation

When Loretta learned she would be inheriting a home, she did not know that she was about to embark on a challenging yet fascinating journey. “I inherited a house in Mesa, Arizona. I live in Indiana and I could only be in Arizona for just a very few days,” she recounts. It was a situation that could overwhelm anyone. She needed to act fast, efficiently, and decisively. That’s when a recommendation came to her. “Unbiased Options was recommended to me. I called them, and they came right over very promptly.”

She couldn’t believe how quick and empathetic they were. “I called them, and they came right over very promptly and surveyed the house. They told me exactly what they were going to do and made an offer which I thought was very very fair.”

An Unusual Real Estate Deal

While it was the first time for the seller, the situation was not unique for Max, a representative from Unbiased Options. As he detailed,

“The seller inherited this property from her deceased Aunt. She didn’t have time to take care of all the belongings in the property.”

With time being of the essence, the team had to figure out a strategy that would be beneficial for both parties.

The solution? Max shared, “We structured the deal to where I would take care of all of the belongings on her behalf in exchange for buying the property as-is.”

Finding Value Amid the Clutter

Not everything in the house was clutter. There were things of value, things of sentiment, and a lot of things that needed attention. Unbiased Options’ approach in dealing with the belongings in the property was a silver lining in the cloud.

Max recalled finding valuable items like crisp dollar bills, collectors’ items, and a vintage Dremel shoe polish machine worth about $150 on eBay.

Max promised, “Instead of us pocketing that money, we’re going to sell what we can on her behalf and send her the money. We’ll probably end up finding her four to five hundred bucks of value in here, maybe even more.”

Sensitive Documents Handled With Care

But the story was not just about finding value in the unexpected; it was also about ensuring sensitive documents were handled appropriately.

Max said, “Her number one concern was sensitive documents. We combed through every piece of paper through the entire house to find all the sensitive documents. We destroyed the docs appropriately and filmed it so the seller had a record.”

Going Above and Beyond in Real Estate: Max’s Commitment

Max and his team at Unbiased Options, in their commitment to providing the best service to their clients, went beyond what’s typically expected of a real estate company. They didn’t just clear the house, they actively searched for items of sentimental value. They found sentimental things from the late aunt’s husband who served in the military, including certificates, a flag, an old Navy hat, medals, newspaper clippings featuring the family members, photo albums, and some bullet shells from WWII. They made sure all these items reached Loretta in Indiana.

Unbiased Options did more than just clean the house. Loretta appreciated the care and commitment shown by Max and his team.

“Max has definitely done a fantastic job. I can’t say how awesome it is to be able to work with him. He just always goes above and beyond.”

Dealing With Unexpected Finds: Firearms

And, as for the firearms found on the property, Max noted, “The thing that concerned her the most is that there were firearms on the property and she had no idea how to handle them, so we cleared all of them and we’ll take care of them and sell them as well, and make sure that she gets the money.”

People Over Properties: Unbiased Options’ Approach

Max summed up the company’s approach, “It’s always people over properties. This was a really cool one, where the thing that was of most value to her was taking care of the stuff in the house. It’s been cool to go through the property and figure out where we can help, what to destroy, what we can trash out, what we can memorialize, what we can make safe, and what we can monetize and send her.”

A Smooth Resolution to an Overwhelming Situation

With Unbiased Options, Loretta found a solution to her problem. Despite the initial shock and stress, she was able to navigate the situation from afar with a sense of security and satisfaction. She said:

“You solved all of my problems.”

When it comes to unexpected hoarder house inheritances, Unbiased Options offers a way to navigate through it smoothly, ensuring that what seems like a daunting task becomes an opportunity for a new start.

Unbiased Options continues to offer tailored real estate solutions, ensuring that their clients are able to handle unexpected situations with the least amount of stress. Whether it’s a simple real estate deal or a complex hoarder house inheritance like Loretta’s, they’ve proven their commitment to going above and beyond to meet their clients’ needs.