How fighting, a formal probate, and 12k in attorneys fees were avoided

Amy, Apache Junction Arizona

  A Tale of Family Conflict and Resolution: The Story of Amy and Guy

In the Throes of Family Discord

The emotional complexities often associated with inheritances can fan the flames of family disputes. This was a harsh reality for siblings Amy and Guy, whose disagreement over their mother’s property was pushing them to the brink of fracturing their familial bonds. The parcel of land, which their mother once lived on, became not just a physical property for transfer, but a volatile tinderbox of disagreements, resentment, and legal complications.

The Burdens of Legal Deadlocks

As the siblings found themselves in a legal deadlock, their financial burden started to mount at an alarming pace. Amy, in a candid revelation of her struggles, shared, “Before I connected with Max, I was already embroiled in legal proceedings. Money had been spent on two different attorneys, and we were staring at a hefty sum of over twelve thousand dollars in fees.” The prospect of losing their precious family property to an auction was looming larger each day, and any hope of resolution was gradually slipping away.

Max to the Rescue: A Ray of Hope Amidst Strife

Just when the estranged siblings were losing all hope, Max from Unbiased Options Real Estate was introduced into the volatile equation by Amy’s attorney. Brought on board as an unbiased mediator, Max’s role transcended the traditional confines of a real estate agent. He was to not only negotiate the terms of the property dispute but also manage the simmering tensions between the siblings. Amy gratefully remembered Max’s intervention, saying, “Max saved us from interacting with my increasingly aggressive brother. His involvement prevented the possibility of restraining orders and helped us avoid more legal issues.”

Upholding Fairness in the Eye of the Storm

One aspect of Max’s approach that Amy and Guy admired was his unwavering commitment to maintaining a fair and balanced perspective during the negotiations. Max’s impartiality was crucial in fostering an environment of trust and cooperation amongst the disputing parties. Amy lauded this aspect of Max’s work, saying, “Max’s greatest strength during the process was that he remained unbiased. In a three-way negotiation, if any party felt that Max was favoring one over the other, it would have jeopardized the whole process. Fairness was crucial to us, and Max did a great job of maintaining it.”

Offering Financial Support in Dire Times

By the time Max entered the picture, the siblings were nearing a financial crisis. Legal expenses had drained their cash reserves, and any further expenses would have led to severe financial strain. Max, understanding their predicament, decided to offer a helping hand. In Max’s words, “Not only did we help Guy and Amy find a way forward, but given their financial situation, we also fronted the money to pay for their remaining legal fees and any additional costs that would arise during the sales process.” This financial assistance was pivotal in protecting them from further financial woes and ensured that their family legacy was preserved.

Navigating Through Listing and Selling

With an agreement reached, the time came to put the property on the market. Max, recounting their strategy, shared, “We listed the property for a top-tier price and managed to get it sold quickly. The final selling price exceeded everyone’s financial expectations.” However, the process was not without its share of challenges. Amy and Guy’s mother, who was battling severe health issues, was living on the property and unable to accommodate prospective buyers for viewings. Max and his team rose to this challenge, designing a listing strategy that focused on the land itself while specifying that the house would be sold sight unseen.

Rising to Meet Unexpected Challenges

In the course of the listing process, a sudden hurdle emerged – a mandatory septic inspection required for the property sale. The cost of this unforeseen expense was $750 – a sum that neither Amy nor Guy was prepared for. However, Unbiased Options came to the rescue once again, absorbing this cost to prevent any delay in the selling process. As Max put it, this intervention ensured that both parties could “reach the finish line, cash out, and move on from such a difficult situation.”

A Special Sensitivity Towards the Elderly

Throughout this turbulent process, Amy was especially grateful for the compassion Max showed towards their elderly mother. In an emotional note of thanks, she said, “The biggest thing that I appreciated about Max was that he was sensitive to my mom, an elderly woman in her 70s. Seniors often have no one to protect them, and Max represented her well.”

Words of Gratitude and Lessons for the Future

Reflecting on their tumultuous journey, both Amy and Guy expressed profound gratitude for Max’s invaluable involvement. Amy, in her advice to others who may find themselves in similar situations, stated, “If you ever find yourself in a situation similar to ours, call Max right away. Yes, consult your attorney first, but also involve Max upfront to save yourself from unnecessary headaches.”
Guy, in his own straightforward manner, added, “Thanks for your help. I think we would have gotten a lot less if it had gone to auction.”

Concluding Reflections

Through the resolution of Amy and Guy’s property dispute, Max and his team at Unbiased Options Real Estate have illustrated the indispensable role of an unbiased, competent professional in dealing with complex property conflicts. Their work serves as a case study in the blend of mediation skills, financial support, and empathy required to navigate such challenging situations. Notably, their sensitivity to the needs of their elderly clients underscores the human side of property transactions – a side often overlooked in the strictly business-oriented world of real estate.