How 4 deadlocked siblings across the country agreed on how to sell

Jeff, Laughlin Nevada

The Tale of Inheritance: Two Properties, One Family

Max, from Unbiased Options Real Estate, was first introduced to Jeff and his family’s situation through their stepmother’s attorney. He recounts the genesis of the issue: “The whole issue began because Jeff’s stepmother wanted to sell both properties in the estate for cash. There was a house in a very valuable part of Queen Creek and up-and-coming city in the Phoenix area and there was about 120 acres of raw land up in northern Arizona.”

The Challenge: A Family at Odds

The passing of Jeff’s father, coupled with the absence of a will, resulted in a considerable amount of confusion among the siblings. Jeff, the youngest of four, describes the tumultuous situation: “My dad did not have a will so we had to get a lawyer to figure all this out.” A great part of the challenge was getting everyone – the siblings and the stepmother – on the same page about what to do with the inherited property.

Max Steps In: Unbiased and Resolute

The lawyer appointed by the family brought Max into the picture. His primary role was not just to sell the property, but also to mediate the conflicts within the family. Jeff recalled Max’s intervention with a fondness, “Max pretty much called all the b.s. with the siblings and discussed everything with the other siblings who were not agreeing on a lot of stuff. But Max did get it done to where everybody agreed which was so awesome.”

The Sibling Standoff: To Sell or Not to Sell?

Jeff and his siblings were in disagreement about the future of the inherited properties. The raw land up north was particularly precious to them. Max shares, “They believe that their father wanted them to inherit the land and take their children camping there someday.” The stepmother’s move back to the east coast, and none of the family members’ ability to buy her out, nudged them towards the decision to sell the property.

Choosing the Right Path: Max, The Real Estate Agent

Jeff decided to work with Max as their real estate agent. He admired how Max handled the complex family dynamics and managed to bring everyone to a consensus. “Max went above and beyond on things. My siblings were very hard-headed and he got it down to where everybody agreed on everything. Especially my older sister, she was very difficult through the process, but he gave her a lot of information and helped her understand everything. He did everything that he should and more,” Jeff praised.

Navigating the Emotional Landscape: Max’s Mediation

Max was called upon by the family attorney to help reach a consensus among the siblings and the stepmother on how to move forward with both of these unique properties. Through patient communication and understanding, Max facilitated a plan that everyone agreed on. “We came up with a game plan for them to give up a major portion of their equity in the Queen Creek property in exchange for inheriting the land up north. Everybody involved loved the game plan and we came to a consensus on how to move forward.”

The Real Challenge: Crossing the Legal Hurdles

Once the plan was agreed upon, the real challenge began. Max had to get all of the siblings, who were spread across different states, to sign a waiver of bond, allowing the sale of the Queen Creek property to proceed. Some siblings were homeless and lacked personal identification, adding to the complexity of the situation. “After a lot of effort, we were able to get notarized documents from each sibling. Once all the documents were submitted, we listed the property for top dollar and everyone was able to cash in on the sale of the Queen Creek property.”

A Fair and Equal Resolution

Max’s unbiased approach, combined with his skills in mediation and real estate, led to a fair and satisfactory resolution for everyone involved. Jeff emphasized, “He wasn’t on my stepmother’s side or anybody’s side, he was just trying to get to where everybody would be equal and everybody got something out of it, so it is fair.”

The Outcome: A Happy End

The siblings were able to retain the land up north, which held sentimental value to them. “The siblings still camp on the land up north to this day,” Max shares. The entire experience was a lesson in empathy and creativity for Max. He learned that “every member of a real estate transaction should be heard and validated, and situations around selling a property are not always black and white. It takes a lot of creativity and empathy to help transactions get to the finish line.”


Jeff’s family’s story demonstrates the complex emotional landscape of inheritance disputes and how they can be successfully navigated with the help of a skilled, empathetic, and creative professional like Max. His ability to unite all parties and find a solution that satisfies everyone’s needs underlines the unique value offered by Unbiased Options Real Estate. Jeff’s story is a testament to the value of having an unbiased, competent professional to guide and assist in navigating the often challenging landscape of inherited property sales.