How an unattended death kept a property from selling.

Christine, Parker Arizona

Christine’s Decision to Sell an Inherited Home After an Unattended Death

Christine had just inherited a home, but it wasn’t just any home. This property came with the heavy emotional weight of an unattended death of a relative. Not only was she faced with the difficult task of dealing with her grief, but she also had to consider the necessary biohazard cleanup. The home needed professional remediation to make it safe and habitable again. The carpet needed to be torn out, and sterilization was required to eliminate contaminants and bloodborne pathogens.

Often, properties become stigmatized after events such as unattended deaths. The cleaning process isn’t just about hygiene; it’s also about safeguarding against liability and protecting those who enter. This is a significant challenge that goes beyond the financial cost—it touches upon emotional toll and psychological trauma. Selling a home with such a history can be a steep hill to climb.

Unbiased Options Facilitating Difficult Decisions

At Unbiased Options, we can facilitate a comprehensive biohazard cleanup for a fee. We ensure that professional remediators follow all EPA, OSHA, and CDC mandates and recommendations, as well as state requirements and guidelines. Our service is both thorough and respectful.

Alternatively, if the cleanup process feels too emotionally taxing, we offer an option to purchase your home in as-is condition. You can bypass the tough work and emotional strain by simply selling us the property, safe in the knowledge that we will handle everything.

Financial Assistance and Joint Ventures

Property insurance can sometimes cover the cost of an unattended death cleanup. However, they usually don’t extend to other related expenses like lost wages, psychological trauma, and personal time spent on the cleanup. If the situation is right and insurance is willing to fund repairs, Unbiased Options can help you submit an insurance claim and will even joint venture with you if you’d like help using the insurance proceeds to restore the home.

Christine’s Choice: Emotional Well-being Over Cleanup

Christine opted to sell her property as-is. “The thought of cleaning out the property and going through the listing process was too much for me at this time,” says Christine. By choosing to sell as-is, she avoided the emotionally draining experience and was able to focus on healing and moving forward. Unbiased Options was able to give her a fair market offer based on its as-is condition which gave her the peace of mind she needed to move forward.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Emotional Toll: The unattended death of a loved one brings more than just grief; it brings the challenge of dealing with a stigmatized property.
  2. Multiple Paths: With Unbiased Options, you can either opt for a professional biohazard cleanup or sell the property as-is.
  3. Preserving Property Value: Through professional cleanup, we help maintain or even improve your property’s market value.
  4. Insurance and Financial Support: Unbiased Options can help you navigate the financial aspects, including insurance claims and joint ventures.

Christine’s story encapsulates what we at Unbiased Options strive for—providing comprehensive, compassionate solutions for those facing complicated property decisions. Whether it’s biohazard cleanup or a straightforward sale, we are here to help you every step of the way.