How a vehicle and logistics stood in the way of a home sale

Dave, Mesa Arizona


This case analyzes the nuance Dave faced as the personal representative of his father’s estate in Arizona while living in Chicago. Traveling back and forth was especially difficult in his poor health. However difficult, Dave was committed to honoring his father by selling the property and his father’s cherished 1953 Dodge Cornet for top dollar.

The Situation

The inherited property was located in Leisure World, an attractive retirement community in Arizona. Even though the property would sell fairly quickly once on the market, Dave faced significant challenges preparing the property for sale due to his health and distance. The property had some of his father’s belongings, including a 1951 Dodge Cornet, a prized possession of his father’s that had been sitting in the garage with flat tires, no brakes, and stale gas in the tank.

Dave’s attempts to find a real estate agent who could appreciate and respond to his unique situation were initially unsuccessful. He needed an all-inclusive service that went beyond listing the property for sale.

The Strategy

Unsatisfied with the many conventional real estate agents he had interviewed, Dave turned to Unbiased Options, a company known for its unique approach to real estate transactions. Unbiased Options has built a reputation for providing Arizona homeowners with multiple options for selling, and in Dave’s case, they offered a strategy tailored to his unique situation.

After spending over an hour discussing Dave’s circumstances, the team at Unbiased Options presented him with a comprehensive solution. This involved overseeing the cleaning and preparation of the home for listing, arranging the sale of the classic car separately, and, crucially, providing a backup plan. As a safety net and to ease Dave’s concerns, Unbiased Options offered to purchase the car directly if no buyer emerged.

This plan was tailored to Dave’s specific needs and aimed to achieve his goal of getting top dollar for the property and car. It also considered various issues, such as the timing of the sale, the market conditions, the pricing strategy, and the unique challenge of dealing with a non-running classic car.


The execution of the strategy was smooth, and the property received an offer above the asking price. Despite several attempts, no buyer was interested in the classic car. True to their promise, Unbiased Options bought the car from Dave and removed it from the garage so that it did not hold up the sale. They personally ensured that all remaining belongings were moved out of the house and arranged for Dave’s safe travel back to Chicago.


The success of Dave’s case was due to Unbiased Options’ well-planned approach. The agency took the time to understand the unique needs and challenges Dave was facing and offered a comprehensive solution that included dealing with the home, the classic car, and even Dave’s travel. Their strategic approach consisted of five components: Pricing the home appropriately, creating an ‘Urgent Buyer Mindset,’ compressing the showings on the first weekend, negotiating with buyers, and creating certainty for the seller with the car to allow him to move forward. These tactics maximized the home sale’s profits and dealt with the unique emotional challenge of the non-running classic car.


Unbiased Options stands true to its mission statement of providing Arizona homeowners with all their options for selling their unwanted property without bias. In Dave’s case, they provided an honest analysis of each option, took over the hard part of selling, and executed the chosen strategy flawlessly.
Dave’s case is an example of how Unbiased Options’ unique approach can create a successful selling plan, regardless of a home seller’s circumstances. It highlights the importance of understanding the seller’s unique situation, the timing of the sale, the overall market conditions, and setting the right price, among other factors.
Dave’s successful home sale was not a coincidence but the result of understanding the sellers’ unique needs and tailoring a solution to meet them.


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