How quantifying options for selling and a flexible close created consensus and peace between siblings.

Lorna, Phoenix Arizona

Unbiased Options: From Overwhelm to Overjoyed: How Unbiased Options Created Peace

Introduction: Navigating Rough Seas

The journey of selling a family home often becomes an emotional roller coaster. When the path is clouded by differing opinions among the beneficiaries, the ride turns even rougher. This is the tale of siblings Lorna and Lee, who faced the task of selling their father’s property after his passing, with Max and his team at Unbiased Options acting as their guiding stars. This account explores how Unbiased Options, offering flexibility and choice, created consensus, and put people over properties, leading to an amicable resolution.

Unbiased Options: Offering Flexibility and Choice

“When our father passed away, we were recommended several people who buy homes, and Unbiased Options was first on the list,” Lorna recounted her first encounter with Unbiased Options. From the get-go, Max provided them a haven of understanding and empathy. With the siblings holding different visions for the property—Lee advocating for maximum estate value, and Lorna leaning towards a convenient sale, it was a classic case of diverging paths converging at Unbiased Options.

Max, with his immense real estate expertise, offered multiple options, guiding their decision. Lorna fondly recalls, “Max just handled every question, every concern. He responded, making everyone comfortable.”

Creating Consensus: Addressing Everyone’s Needs

Creating consensus among the siblings was not a straightforward task, given the different interests at play. But Max’s transparent approach of quantifying the cost and effort to remodel the property provided the balance needed to tip the scales. As Lorna recalled, “We wanted to look at all our options. After considering what we had heard, all of us decided that we wanted to go with Max.”

The consensus was a significant milestone, with Lorna attributing the decision not only to Max’s professional acumen but also to his innate ability to make an overwhelming situation manageable. “He made us feel comfortable. He made what was an overwhelming situation…comfortable, manageable.”

People Over Properties: The Guiding Principle

At Unbiased Options, the ethos was always clear—putting people over properties. Lorna felt this distinctly, stating, “The bids all came in fairly close to each other for the sales price, but it was about how we were going to be handled, how we were going to be helped.”

Max’s team helped sort and remove personal belongings, a task Lorna would have found insurmountable alone. “We couldn’t have handled everything without Max’s help… we just couldn’t have. We’d be doing this until next year,” Lorna admitted, showing the significant weight that Unbiased Options helped to lift off their shoulders.

Flexible Closing Date: A Helping Hand

In the whirlwind of selling the property, another pressing concern loomed for Lorna—the impending move. Max recognized her plight and provided a flexible closing date, a decision that made a world of difference for Lorna. “For her, having a flexible closing date for her to find a place to move to was very important,” Max noted, demonstrating the critical role of flexibility in easing her transition.

Lorna echoed the sentiment, stating, “We were able to make arrangements to get everything out in a timely manner…and Max took care of the rest.” This flexibility granted her the much-needed peace of mind to find her new home confidently.

Conclusion: From Overwhelm to Consensus

Lorna summarized her experience, “Max made us feel comfortable…he made an overwhelming situation manageable. That really is it.” Max’s dedication to putting people over property encapsulates the essence of Unbiased Options and the value they bring to their clients in navigating complex real estate decisions. It’s a testament to their approach—transcending real estate transactions to create lasting, human connections.

In retrospect, Lorna and Lee’s journey was one of transformation—from overwhelming circumstances to a harmonious resolution. Through Unbiased Options’ unwavering dedication to flexibility, creating consensus, putting people over properties, and providing a flexible closing date, they could navigate the complex real estate process.

Lorna, never doubting through the process, remarked, “I’m a pretty good judge of people and I know when I’ve met an honorable man.”