How a home was able to get tens of thousands over asking

Paula, Gilbert Arizona

The Journey Begins

The home-selling journey of Tim and Paula began with a difficult decision. As life had evolved, they found themselves needing to make a transition, and the time came to put their beloved home on the market. However, knowing the complexity of the home-selling process, they understood the importance of choosing the right partner for their journey.
After a series of interviews with various agents, Tim and Paula were introduced to Max Casey of Unbiased Options. The depth of his market knowledge and personable approach made an immediate impression. Paula recalls, “We interviewed several different REALTORS before making our choice for Max, and he was BY FAR the best choice for us.” And so, their partnership began, with a shared commitment to finding the perfect buyer for their beautiful home.


Max Casey: The Trusted Guide

Max Casey brought a unique blend of expertise, experience, and empathy to the table. He prided himself on his deep understanding of the local market, his ability to listen and connect with clients, and his knack for creating winning strategies. These attributes made him an invaluable asset to Tim and Paula’s journey. Paula shared, “He gave us some helpful hints on how to get our beautiful home ready for showing.”
Max was instrumental in preparing their home for sale. From suggesting minor improvements to help the house shine, to staging it in a way that would appeal to potential buyers, Max left no stone unturned. His advice was not just about enhancing the home’s aesthetics, but also about amplifying its inherent charm and character to tell a captivating story to potential buyers.


Strategic Timing: Early Bird Gets the Worm

One of the critical aspects of a successful home sale is timing. It’s not just about the physical condition of the property, but also the state of the market, local economy, and comparable homes for sale. With a careful examination of these factors, Max made a strategic suggestion. Paula recounts, “We did think, at first, we’ll put the house on the market early summer. But Max’s advice was ‘list your home sooner rather than later’… and that’s exactly what we did.”
Max’s advice was based on an insightful analysis of the local market. He realized that listing the home sooner would allow Tim and Paula to capitalize on the current favorable conditions before the summer rush. His strategy, driven by data and seasoned intuition, aimed to create an optimal environment for a quick and profitable sale.


The Urgent Buyer Mindset: The Demand Creation Strategy

Creating a sense of urgency among potential buyers was a core part of Max’s strategy. At Unbiased Options, they employed a unique approach known as the ‘Urgent Buyer Mindset’. The idea was to maximize exposure to the property during the first weekend of the listing, thereby driving as much traffic through the home as possible. They explained, “By making listings go live on a Thursday, it gives agents a day to prepare their clients for a showing over the weekend, often increasing the amount of traffic coming through a property.”
This approach not only increased visibility but also cultivated a competitive atmosphere among potential buyers. The simultaneous influx of interest often resulted in multiple offers, giving Tim and Paula a significant advantage in negotiations. The urgency mindset was a game-changer, creating a perfect storm of demand that served to maximize the selling price.


Preventing Undesirable Outcomes: The Power of First Impressions

Max and his team at Unbiased Options understood the importance of first impressions. Their philosophy hinged on two critical aspects – proper pricing and presenting the home in the best possible light from the outset. They knew that homes that sat on the market for extended periods often attracted lowball offers, and it could signal to buyers that there may be issues with the property.
Therefore, they focused on pricing the home appropriately right from the start. This strategy, combined with their ‘Urgent Buyer Mindset’ and a well-presented home, minimized the chances of a price reduction or a stale listing. In essence, they made the first impression count, setting the stage for a successful sale.
Open House: The Catalyst of Demand
To further heighten interest in Tim and Paula’s home, Max organized an open house. This event showcased the property’s best features and allowed potential buyers to envision themselves living there. Max’s tactical decision to host an open house served as a catalyst, driving significant overlapping demand during showings, and sparking competition among potential buyers.
The open house turned out to be a resounding success, ultimately leading to a bidding war. Max’s skillful negotiation tactics proved invaluable during this intense phase. His ability to navigate multiple offers while maintaining a clear focus on Tim and Paula’s best interests led to an outcome that far exceeded their expectations.


Triumphing Over the Bidding War: A Commemoration of Success

The bidding war brought with it a storm of tension and pressure, a situation that necessitated top-notch negotiation capabilities. Thankfully, Max was not just any agent; he was a Certified Real Estate Negotiation Expert (CRENE), a credential earned by only the top 3% of real estate agents who undergo professional training in negotiation.
Max’s certified expertise in negotiation was a critical catalyst in the bidding process. It wasn’t just about having a plan; it was about navigating the fluctuating dynamics of a competitive bidding war. His seasoned acumen led Tim and Paula’s home to fetch an outstanding $85,000 over the listing price, an accomplishment that underscored Max’s industry-leading capabilities.
The triumphant outcome of the bidding war was not simply a result of Max’s professional training; it was the embodiment of his unyielding commitment to his clients. Max’s comprehensive understanding of real estate negotiations, coupled with his hands-on experience, successfully guided Tim and Paula through the most intense phase of their home selling journey, turning it into a celebratory milestone.


Reflecting on their Journey: A Grateful Farewell

As they looked back on their home-selling journey, Tim and Paula couldn’t help but express their profound gratitude for Max and the Unbiased Options team. Paula shared, “Max used his awesome negotiating skills to get us $85,000 over our listing price, and we could not have been more thrilled with the price. Thank you, Max! I don’t think you could pick a better REALTOR.”
The journey was not just about achieving a successful sale. It was also about the relationships they built, the trust they fostered, and the knowledge they gained. Despite the inherent stress of selling a home, Tim and Paula found comfort and confidence in their partnership with Max, knowing that their interests were always his top priority.


The Unbiased Options Way: Maximizing Profit

The success of Tim and Paula’s home sale was not a coincidence. It was the result of a well-planned and expertly executed strategy by Unbiased Options.
They summarized their method as:
1. Pricing a home appropriately
2. Creating an ‘Urgent Buyer Mindset’
3. Compressing the showings on the first weekend
4. Negotiating with buyers.
 This strategic approach was designed to create an optimal situation to maximize profit for their clients.
This strategy was not just about selling homes but was centered on making a positive difference in their clients’ lives. It was about understanding the unique needs of each client, delivering personalized service, and crafting a bespoke plan that would lead to a successful home sale.


Final Thoughts: The Power of Trust and Expertise

In the end, Tim and Paula’s home-selling journey with Unbiased Options was a testament to the power of strategic planning, expert negotiation, and a genuine commitment to client service. The entire process, from initial consultation to the final sale, was handled with the utmost care, demonstrating the power of trust and expertise in real estate transactions.
For Tim and Paula, it was not just about selling their home for a great price, but also about the peace of mind knowing they were guided by a team that truly cared for their best interests. Their journey stands as a shining example of how Unbiased Options continues to redefine the home-selling experience.