How two completely different properties needed two completely different solutions

Paul, Tacoma Washington

Selling Arizona Property: Matching Solutions to Situations


Whether you’re states away or just a town over, managing a property sale without being present can pose a challenge. The process becomes even more complex when there are multiple properties, each with its unique set of considerations. Paul Fortner, a resident of Washington State, experienced these difficulties firsthand when he had to manage the sale of two properties in Arizona after the passing of his parents. The challenge of selling the two homes offered Paul insights into the value of partnering with the right experts.

The Consultation

Unbiased Options, known for their collaborative approach, offers free consultations to understand the needs of every client and pose uniquely tailored solutions. They often call it “Real Estate Therapy” because of their ability to untangle interesting situations. Their emphasis isn’t just on selling a property; it’s about understanding the unique challenges each property owner faces and tailoring solutions to fit those needs.

“From our very first conversation, I could sense Paul’s hesitation,” recalled Max Casey, a representative from Unbiased Options. “But that’s where the magic of a free consultation comes into play. It’s a chance for us to listen, understand, and offer potential solutions without any strings attached.”

For Paul, the consultation was invaluable. Not only did he gain clarity on the best approach for both properties, but he also knew he had a trusted partner with Unbiased Options team. He said, “Max is just a straight shooter, as far as just laying out the options, you know, he is fair minded and direct, which I appreciate.”

The Situation

Williams Property: A Historic Diamond in the Rough

  • Age: Built in the early 1900s.
  • Problems: Not to Code, uneven foundation, floodplain issues, odd floor plan, no HVAC.
  • Tenancy Issues: Two occupants living rent-free for three years.
  • Other Concerns: Old non-working RV in the yard, cash purchase only, and all in the middle of winter buried in snow.


Sun City Property: A Hoarder’s Dilemma
  • Type: Small condo off the golf course.
  • Condition: Dirty and filled with personal belongings of no real value.
  • Additional Challenges: Non-running golf cart needing to be sold.

Paul’s situation illustrates a crucial principle that many other professionals do not understand in real estate: one size doesn’t fit all. It requires an understanding of each property’s nuances. As Paul found out, it’s not just about selling; it’s about ensuring the strategy matches the situation.

Success Through Collaboration

The collaboration between Paul and Unbiased Options led to a successful game plan for both properties. The combined efforts, mutual trust, and open communication were key.

Paul appreciated the support, stating, “Max gives good feedback if it’s just too much or he doesn’t think it’s the right approach. We had a lot of conversations about how to handle things, even though the whole process.”

After the consultation Max analyzed, “There were more than six significant needs between these two properties, all unique and very challenging for the average person to handle”

Due to the support and expertise of Unbiased Options, Paul could sit back and benefit from the sale of both properties while continuing his day-to-day life back home.

Sun City

With a meticulous approach, Max and his team began the process of decluttering, ensuring cherished belongings were respected and handled appropriately.

Moving belongings to a storage unit so they could be sold off site and not interfere with the sale became a priority. Each item was assessed, and decisions were made collectively with Paul’s input, ensuring transparency throughout. Once the space was decluttered, the focus shifted to deep cleaning and reviving the property’s inherent charm.

Among the pile of items was the old golf cart. The question that arose was whether to restore it, sell as is, or simply discard it. Max decided to fix it up for Paul, sell it on his behalf, and send him the money. “The tale of the golf cart was quite something,” remembered Paul. “From broken to a full-priced sale, it was amazing.”

By the end of this journey, the Sun City condo was no longer just a cluttered mess, but a top-dollar listing attracting numerous buyers.


“The Williams house was a different challenge altogether,” said Paul. With concerns ranging from the presence of squatters, an uneven foundation, to its location on a floodplain, it was clear that selling this property wouldn’t be straightforward. Surprisingly, its biggest challenges went beyond just structural issues.

Given the varied challenges, a traditional listing for the Williams property seemed out of the question in its current state. This was a clear instance where strategy needed to match the situation… and the solution? A joint venture agreement. “Cash offers are standard in the real estate industry,” Max noted. “But they’re not always the best fit, especially when there are multiple issues to address.

While a direct cash offer might have simplified things, it wouldn’t have been as profitable for either party nor would it have done justice to the potential value of the property. Instead of an immediate cash payout, which might have been less than optimal given the property’s condition, the joint venture maximized the potential sale price. The estate, while not receiving immediate liquidity, didn’t need the cash right away, and was positioned to gain significantly more once the property was sold.

Paul appreciated the foresight of this arrangement. “The idea of a joint venture was new to me,” he admitted. “But when Max outlined the benefits and explained how it would work, it became clear that it was the best option for the Williams property.”

After putting the agreement together, Max and his team got to work.

The biggest challenge was the people inside the property. The team at Unbiased Options met with the occupants several times and even offered both help and money to relocate them. Unfortunately, they did not want to cooperate. “Evicting someone is never easy, especially when you have a connection to the place and the people,” Paul shared with concern. Unbiased Options handled the eviction with care and professionality and allowed the estate to move forward with the process of preparing for sale.

But perhaps the most unexpected issue was an old non-running RV, which had become part and parcel of the property’s narrative. Max Casey, with a chuckle, recounted, “That old RV brought more discussions to the table than we’d ever anticipated.” Leveraging local contacts, they found a town resident who was able to get the A class running and moved off the property: avoiding several thousands of dollars in repair and towing costs for the estate.  Another win-win.

The property was landscaped, junked out, repaired, cleaned, and ready for sale.

By providing a tailored solution that ensured both financial and emotional benefits, they once again highlighted the importance of strategy matching the situation. Max Casey, after hearing Paul’s positive take on the experience added, “It’s really nice to hear that our clients feel how much we care.  We always try and put the people over the properties.  That’s what we are all about.”

Lessons Learned

  1. Tailored Solutions: Every property and situation has its distinct set of challenges. A one-size-fits-all approach rarely delivers optimal results. The Sun City property needed a hands-on approach to manage personal belongings and craft a top-dollar listing. In contrast, the Williams property required an innovative joint venture agreement to best meet the estate’s needs.
  2. Professional Advice is Crucial: Navigating complex property scenarios without expert guidance can lead to pitfalls. As Paul discovered, the expertise of Unbiased Options was instrumental in devising strategies that were appropriate for the situation.
  3. Emotional and Financial Balance: Real estate isn’t just about bricks and mortar; it’s deeply intertwined with emotions, especially when dealing with an inherited estate. Achieving a balance between emotional considerations (like evicting non-paying tenants) and financial imperatives (like securing a top-dollar sale) is crucial.
  4. The Power of Collaboration: The joint venture crafted for the Williams property showcased how collaboration can unlock value in unexpected ways. By teaming up, the estate and Unbiased Options leveraged each other’s strengths, leading to a win-win outcome.
  5. Expect the Unexpected: From hoarder scenarios to surprise RV dilemmas, Paul’s journey was punctuated by unforeseen challenges. The right partner will not disappear when these challenges arise.


  1. How does Unbiased Options handle properties filled with personal belongings? Unbiased Options offers to inventory all belongings, moving them off-site, and selling them, allowing homeowners to deal with the sale without the challenges of an estate sale.
  2. What if a property requires significant repair or has tenants? They offer various solutions, from cash offers to joint ventures, ensuring the property is sold for its maximum potential.
  3. How does the joint venture approach work with Unbiased Options? In a joint venture, generally the estate takes care of expenses like mortgage payoff and repairs, while Unbiased Options handles property preparation and sale.
  4. Can Unbiased Options handle properties in different locations? As seen with Paul Fortner, they successfully managed properties in Sun City and Williams, demonstrating their versatility.
  5. What’s the advantage of working with Unbiased Options versus a typical real estate agent? Unbiased Options offers tailored solutions for unique challenges, easing both the emotional and physical burdens of property sale