How to sell a home without displacing family occupants.

Kelela, Austin Texas

Personal Belongings: An Overlooked Challenge in Home Sales

For Kelela, the passing of her mother wasn’t just an emotional upheaval—it presented a logistical nightmare too. Amidst moving her family from Dallas to Houston, Kelela was faced with the daunting task of selling her late mother’s outdated Austin home, filled with personal belongings that held immense sentimental value.

Personal belongings are an overlooked challenge in traditional home sales. Homes are filled with memories, mementos, and belongings, and generally, these need to be cleaned up and cleaned out to prepare for a sale. Addressing these belongings can be a painstaking and emotionally taxing process which keeps many people from moving forward. This is where Unbiased Options Real Estate steps in, recognizing that to sell the home, owners need to feel secure about how personal items are being managed.

Unbiased Options’ Approach: Simplifying the Process

At Unbiased Options, we have a straightforward, compassionate process to manage personal belongings. Collaborating closely with homeowners, we categorize each item into four groups: SELL, DONATE, TRASH, and SHIP. The objective? To ensure that valuable items are preserved, usable items find a new home, and everything else is responsibly disposed of. Plus, with our white-glove service, there’s no out-of-pocket cost, and 100% of the proceeds from sold items go directly to the homeowner.

Kelela’s Journey: Navigating Challenges with Grace

Relocating from Dallas to Houston was already a huge task for Kelela. Add the responsibility of handling her mother’s home in Austin, and she felt officially overwhelmed. She neither had the time nor the emotional bandwidth to sort through her mother’s belongings and didn’t know where to start.

Kelela’s dilemma was two-fold: she wanted a quick sale of the Austin property, and she wished to keep select sentimental items from her mother’s home without making an exhausting trip back and forth with the limited time she had.

The Solution: Personalized, Remote Coordination

Unbiased Options came to the rescue by purchasing the Austin house as-is, thereby sparing Kelela from the hassles of a traditional property sale. But what truly stood out was the customized approach they took for Kelela’s unique situation.

Using FaceTime, Kelela was able to virtually walk through her mother’s home, labeling and selecting items she wanted to keep. Everything else was taken care of according to her instructions. It took close to 20 hours of work for the Unbiased Options team, disposing of unwanted items and ensuring her chosen belongings made it safely to her new Houston home—without her ever setting foot in Austin.

The Outcome: Peace of Mind in Tumultuous Times

Upon reaching her new home in Houston, Kelela was greeted with perfectly coordinated moving trucks, ready to unload her mother’s cherished belongings. At an emotionally and logistically challenging juncture, Kelela received a check for her mother’s property and, more importantly, the peace of mind that her mother’s memories were honored and preserved.

Concluding Thoughts

Key Takeaways:

  1. Emotions & Real Estate: Selling a home, especially one filled with memories, is not just a business transaction—it’s about people.
  2. Personalized Solutions: With Unbiased Options Real Estate, homeowners can enjoy a tailored approach, from handling personal belongings to the actual sale of the property.
  3. Seamless Transitions: Unbiased Options’ commitment to remote coordination ensures homeowners, like Kelela, can transition to the next phase of their life with minimal hassle and maximum comfort.

In real estate, it’s easy to get lost in the numbers, contracts, and transactions. Putting people over property is at the heart of Unbiased Options Real Estate. Working with real people, with real stories and real emotions is something to remember in every service we provide.