How an equity advance turned a nightmare move into a dream.

Pat, McDade Texas

We’ve all been there—the stress of moving can tie your stomach in knots. Now add financial pressure to the mix, and you’ve got a full-blown crisis. Pat found herself in exactly this predicament. Located in McDade, Texas, she was facing a double whammy: immediate expenses for a move and the bulk of her resources held hostage in home equity. This raises the question: What do you do when you are cash-poor but equity-rich?

Equity Locked Away, Expenses at the Door

Pat had been living paycheck to paycheck. When her mother became ill and needed longer term care, the family found themselves needing to move closer to her to support. Pat felt stuck, she didn’t even have enough spare cash to afford the moving truck, let alone a storage unit so they could move their things out of their home and prepare it properly for sale.  Further compounding the problem was the fact that she would need to take some time from work to facilitate the move which ate away at her scarce cash reserves even more.

While she had valuable equity in her existing home, she had no quick way to access it to cover pressing moving and storage expenses, until the sale was complete.  She could not complete the sale until she had some additional cash. “It was a catch 22… patiently waiting for the money from the sale of my property is easier said than done,” she lamented. The traditional real estate sales process simply couldn’t keep pace with her immediate needs.

Unbiased Options Equity Advance Program

Unbiased Options knows that preparing a home for sale and moving can cost a lot of money that many don’t have but need to sell their home. This is where the Equity Advance Program comes into play. They can provide or help facilitate an advance on the equity of your property, offering a flat rate upfront with no hidden fees.  This is a lifesaving resource, not only for moving expenses and transactional costs, but for legal expenses such as the cost of probate, or divorce.

The best part is, that being able to have some much-needed liquid cash can support you until the property is sold, and that’s exactly the solution Pat needed.  Max, who worked with Pat on the deal explained, “We assessed his situation and introduced him to the power of the Equity Advance. Once an amount was agreed upon, the funds were in Pat’s account within days, no strings attached.”

How it Works

Our equity advance program is designed to be straightforward and efficient. “We are repaid when the property is sold,” which adds a layer of simplicity to the whole process. The paperwork was minimal, and Pat had the liquidity she required to get her move underway immediately, all thanks to the equity advance. With everything tied to the sale of the home and all fees paid through proceeds on the backend, it becomes a win-win for each party.

Once Pat accessed his equity, the move was suddenly manageable. “The equity advance was a game-changer for me,” Pat exclaims. “I couldn’t have managed this move so smoothly without it.” Not only was She able to take care of his moving and storage costs, but She also avoided the stress and anxiety that accompany financial strain. And because our fees are transparent and repayment is completed upon the sale of the property, Pat had one less thing to worry about.

Lessons Learned

  1. Immediate Liquidity: An equity advance allows you to access your equity quickly, offering financial breathing room when you need it most.
  2. Transparency is Golden: Knowing the terms upfront—with no hidden fees—ensures that you can make informed decisions. Unbiased Options provides this level of transparency.
  3. Expert Guidance: As Pat found, having a trusted advisor can make all the difference. With Unbiased Options, you’re not just getting a service, you’re gaining a partner.
  4. Financial Flexibility: Equity advances are a way to “rescue your equity when the money you need is stuck in the home,” offering a practical solution to an often-urgent problem.

Through Pat’s journey, we see that an equity advance can make the difference between a harrowing experience and a smooth transition. It’s not just about finances; it’s also about peace of mind. And with the Unbiased Options Equity Advance Program, Pat got to experience both.