How the NAR Settlement Will Impact Homeowners and Real Estate Professionals in Arizona


How the National Association of Realtor Settlement will Change Real Estate in Arizona in 2024

NAR Settlement Brings Changes to AZ Real Estate


The National Association of Realtors (NAR) Settlement announced in 2024 will bring significant changes within the real estate dynamics of Arizona. Once the pending court approval goes through, the NAR settlement will reshape how real estate transactions are conducted. But what does this mean for homeowners and real estate professionals in Arizona?

The settlement addresses the traditions around agent commissions. These practices have shaped the methods of buying and selling homes for decades. For potential home buyers and sellers and real estate agents working amid an ever-changing market, understanding the implications of this settlement is critical.

Assuming the settlement is approved, the changes will take place starting in July 2024. With these changes in Arizona real estate, there is a potential for increased empowerment, competitiveness, and flexibility within buying and selling homes. Before making your real estate decisions in the year ahead, look deeper into the NAR settlement, its immediate effects, long-term implications, and how entities like Unbiased Options Real Estate can guide you through these changes.

Understanding the NAR Settlement

First you need to understand what brought about the National Association of Realtors settlement and what it entails. Litigations of claims were brought against the NAR on behalf of home sellers in regards to agent fees. The NAR has never set the commissions to a rate of 6% as falsely assumed, and agent fees will continue to be negotiable.The settlement resolves these claims, fighting to bring clarity for home owners and buyers.

Key Points of the Settlement:

  • Transparency in Commissions: NAR will create a new rule requiring buyer agents to enter into written agreements with the home buyers before showing any homes to the potential buyers.
  • Cooperative Compensation: The settlement will preserve the cooperative compensation method as an option for home buyers and sellers–as long as the agent commission offers happen off of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The seller’s agent may list seller concessions on the MLS, but no agent compensation can be included. The NAR will also be required to allow real estate agents to be paid for their work without having to pay to access an MLS.

Being able to understand the key components of the settlement is vital for anyone hoping to succeed in the Arizona real estate market. Not only is it a legal change, but the NAR settlement is also a trigger for bringing change to how real estate agents do business and how homeowners approach the selling process.

NAR Settlement Brings Changes

Immediate Effects on the Arizona Real Estate Market

Even though the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Settlement is still pending court approval, it is already beginning to affect Arizona real estate. The changes may not be making a headline in Arizona, but they are bound to impact the methods of real estate transactions in several ways.

Changes in Realtor Commissions

One of the highlights of the settlement addresses how commissions are handled. With the buyer’s agent being required to present a written agreement, the home seller and buyer should have a clearer picture of what portions go toward each agent’s commission as well as other costs tied to the transaction. This could cause more negotiation on commission rates. The NAR also hopes it will potentially lower costs for both sellers and buyers.

Impact on Home Prices and Sales Speed

With the more transparent commission process, the Arizona housing market could see potential changes in home prices and how quickly the houses sell. Sellers might choose to list their homes at higher prices, knowing there is more sway in the commission rates. However, buyers will have more information and options at hand to enable more negotiating power.

As a seller, buyer, and real estate agent work together to learn the new methods of the transaction process, the real estate market will potentially become more competitive. The NAR aims to achieve more equity within the real estate market with information being more accessible, giving all parties the tools needed to make well educated decisions.

Long-Term Implications for Homeowners and Sellers

As everyone becomes acquainted with the new systems about to be implemented, it will be time to look at the long-term implications for those looking to sell their homes in Arizona. The results of the changes go beyond commissions and technicalities, impacting the strategies homeowners may use to enter the market.

Shifts in Selling Strategies

The increased knowledge for all parties involved in the real estate market will push homeowners to rethink their selling tactics. With a better understanding of the listing agreement, sellers may choose agents who are more competitive with commission rates. A seller may decide to take the reins of the selling process and choose to list their home For Sale By Owner, leaving a seller’s agent commission out of the equation.

The Growing Role of Real Estate Investors

The changes may also increase the role of real estate investors within the market. With a more informed understanding of the costs involved in selling a property, a homeowner might find selling to an investor more appealing since it often leads to a faster and more convenient process with a cash offer. Using an investor would also delete the factor of negotiating real estate commissions, removing that time and cost from the home sell.

Advantages of Exploring Diverse Selling Options

The evolving real estate market makes it critical to explore the various selling options. Homeowners have many options available to them, including traditional listings with real estate agents, direct sales with investors, or using tech-based platforms. The trick is finding the best route that matches your priorities, whether that is maximizing sale price, minimizing hassle, or a fast sale.

These long-term indications allude to a dynamic and flexible real estate market in Arizona. More buyers and sellers will be empowered with the information needed to make the best decisions for their situations. The future of real estate transactions in Arizona looks to hopefully be one with more open communication between consumers and agents and fairness, enabling both buyers and sellers to navigate the market with confidence.

Contracts Required for Home Buyers and Agents

Navigating the Changes

This settlement of the NAR presents both new opportunities and challenges for homeowners looking to sell. We hope to offer you some tips to help you navigate the new market dynamic effectively.

Leverage Communication to Your Advantage

With the increased honesty around commissions, you should hopefully be able to make informed decisions. Don’t be afraid to ask your agent for a breakdown of costs and services. Remember, they are working for you! Your knowledge, in addition to the answers your agent brings, can provide higher negotiation power or lead you to explore alternative selling options.

Explore All Selling Options

Amid all the changes, make sure you explore all options. With the commission rates not being listed on the MLS, the open communication between the seller’s agent and buyer’s agent is extra critical for your success. If you decide the traditional route of a real estate agent is more than you want in your home selling experience, you should explore other selling options such as selling directly to an investor for a quick cash offer, or even considering a tech-driven platform that offers a different approach. Each option has its own benefits, so weigh them carefully against your personal goals and circumstances.

Seek Expert Guidance

The changes in the market make it more important than ever to see guidance from professionals who are up to date with the latest regulations. A knowledgable agent or consultant can offer advice on how to position your home in the market and how to negotiate deals within the new regulations.

Be Prepared for Negotiation

With buyers becoming more informed, be prepared for more negotiating within the selling process. You will want to work closely with your agent in navigating the negotiations successfully, whether it be about sale price, closing costs, or repairs, so that you can come out on top.

Stay Informed and Flexible

The real estate market is always changing, especially with the new policies coming from the settlement. Staying informed about market trends, legal changes, and technology advancements will help you adjust your strategy accordingly, ensuring you can remain competitive and aware of opportunities as they come up.

By staying informed of the changing market, you can maximize your success in the ever-adapting Arizona real estate.

What This Means for Real Estate Professionals

The NAR settlement not only affects you as the homeowner or seller, but also the real estate professional in Arizona. Below are some tips to consider in order to succeed when working with a real estate agent in 2024 and on.

Adjusting to New Commission Structures

With the new regulations surrounding commissions, real estate agents may be dealing with more questions and negotiations from clients regarding the commission rates. Real estate agents will need to justify their value to you as the buyer or seller by promoting the quality of service, expertise, and tangible benefits they bring to the table. You as a buyer or seller need to find an agent who excels in communicating with you and also the other party’s agent in order to stay consistently informed on the negotiations.

Embracing Competitiveness

The settlement encourages an open market, making it difficult for agents and brokers to be able to rely on the old ways of doing business. Realtors may need to adapt by learning new technology or coming up with innovative ways to stand out and market themselves as unique and valuable. When selecting an agent to work with, make sure they are knowledgable on the changes required regarding entering into a contract, the listing process, and the negotiating terms.

Find an Agent Prepared for Informed Buyers and Sellers

You as a home buyer or seller will have access to more information than ever before with the new policies. Seek out a real estate agent who pursues continuing education and stays up to date on market trends and legal changes. Set your expectations high and make them clear with your agent before entering a contract to buy or sell with a specific realtor.

The impending changes due to the NAR settlement will bring about both challenges and opportunities for real estate agents within Arizona. As a consumer in this market, it is critical to choose wisely when selecting with whom you will enter into a contract with for this large transaction.

Finding Your Real Estate Solutions

Unbiased Options Real Estate’s Role

As the real estate market continues to change due to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) settlement, Unbiased Options Real Estate stands out as an excellent option for homeowners in Arizona. With a unique approach that emphasizes full trust, flexibility, and a wide range of selling options, Unbiased Options is in a perfect position to guide homeowners through the complexities of selling in 2024.

Adapting to Market Changes

Unbiased Options has always held the goal of adapting to market changes. In response to the NAR settlement, we are fully dedicated to that goal. We aim to provide you with clear, unbiased information about all selling options. Whether you’re considering a traditional sale, direct sale to investors, or anything in between, our team is fully equipped to help you succeed with the latest market insights and legal knowledge.

Unique Selling Propositions for Arizona Homeowners

At Unbiased Options, we aim to set ourselves apart with our commitment to offering homeowners a tailored selling experience. We acknowledge that each homeowner’s situation is different, so we provide a personalized analysis of selling options, including the pros and cons of each choice. Our goal is to empower homeowners to make informed decisions that coincide with their individual circumstances.

Unique Services to Meet New Market Demands

As the market shifts toward greater competition, Unbiased Options Real Estate is prepared to meet the new demands with our unique services. We have done it all, from handling personal belongings and managing estate sales, to offering eviction assistance and vehicle removal. Our services are thorough as we manage the logistical and emotional complexities of selling a home in today’s market.

A Commitment to Honest Advice

Foremost, Unbiased Options remains committed to offering honest, unbiased advice. You as a homeowner deserve to feel confident as you navigate your home sale with the clarity we offer. With our expert guidance, we aim to support you through a smooth and successful sale that meets your goals.

Unbiased Options Real Estate is more than just a real estate service. We are your partner in treading through the future of home selling in Arizona. Built on a foundation built of trust and knowledge, we stand ready to help you thrive in this new real estate field.


As the policies are implemented, the National Associations of Realtors (NAR) settlement will definitely alter the buying and selling processes within the Arizona real estate industry. For both professionals and consumers, the settlement presents challenges and opportunities. But as we navigate the changes together, it is imperative that we move forward with informed decision-making throughout the transaction process. You have more power than ever before when buying or selling a home. This power enables a pursuit toward the option that best fits your needs.

Unbiased Options Real Estate is determined to embrace these changes with full support and guidance to you as a homeowner. We are prepared to meet the unique demands of the market. We are leading the way in providing more equitable and empowering real estate options for you.

As we look to the future, it is clear that the Arizona real estate market is evolving. With the right resources at hand, homeowners and professionals can succeed moving forward. Stay informed and explore your options while seeking out expert advice as needed. Together, we can use these changes to our advantage to thrive in all our real estate endeavors.

The information provided in this blog article is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Unbiased Options Real Estate does not offer legal advice and encourages readers to consult with a qualified legal professional regarding their specific circumstances.

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