Real Estate Assistance Services

Selling your home is more than just a financial transaction, its often filled with difficult choices and logistical challenges. When working with someone, its best to know that you’ve considered every possible angle.  

Unbiased Options Real Estate Mesa provides expertise coupled with the additional real estate services you need to give you a home selling solution that’s tailored to you. You can sell your Mesa AZ home fast and sell in a way that’s perfect for your situation.

Additional Services when Selling your Home Fast and As-is

Carefully Handling Personal Belongings

While others might rush you to “clear the clutter”, we understand that each item might have sentimental value.  We carefully manage personal belongings, ensuring they are respectfully dealt with; be it storage, donation, or elimination. The human touch is important to us. If you live out of state we can face time you or zoom you into the home as we create a game plan and identify important items together.  We will ship you items of value if needed. 


Take What you Want and Leave the Rest

Imagine the freedom of picking out what matters to you—be it family heirlooms, furniture, or personal items—and leaving behind what doesn’t.  We handle the rest, literally. From trashing out properties to dealing with leftover belongings, we manage it all. This is particularly useful for those in unique situations like estate settlements, probate sales, or transitioning to a smaller living space. No need to organize a massive garage sale or pay for a junk removal service. We incorporate this into our home-selling strategy, offering you the peace of mind to focus on your next chapter. “Take What You Want and Leave the Rest” is more than a service; it’s a commitment to making your life easier.

Turning over Tenants and Handling Evictions

Turning over tenants or handling evictions when selling a home as-is can be a logistical and emotional maze. At Unbiased Options Real Estate, we offer eviction assistance and facilitation services to smooth out this complex process. Whether you’re dealing with long-term tenants or a short-term lease, we act as the liaison to ensure a fair and legal transition for everyone involved. The objective? To relieve you from the stress and legwork, so you can focus on selling your home. With us, you get the benefit of expert guidance, reducing the chances of legal pitfalls, while maintaining a respectful atmosphere for all parties.