More Efficient, Cost Effective, and Transparent

Move The Difficult Cases Forward

Whether cases are stuck because the situation is difficult, or the clients are difficult, let us work on your behalf to get everyone on the same page and the property sale on track.

Work With Professionals Who Understand

Unbiased Options specializes in interesting situations and understands the inheritance process- whether through probate or trust. From stopping foreclosures to navigating biohazards, we’ve seen it all.

Stay In The Loop

Documentation and transparency are important parts of making sure that a client’s fiduciary duty is satisfied and that compliance is maintained. That’s why we provide every piece of information for each strategy to both the client and to the attorney.

How We're Different

All Their Options For Selling

Because we are a one stop shop, we can provide clients with all of their options for selling and give them clear advice on what would be the best way to sell in their unique situation.  Unique situations need custom approaches.

Additional Services

We put people over properties and have found that clients tend to need at least one additional service to get their situation across the finish line. When it seems like the client is out of options, Unbiased Options finds a way to get them unstuck.

Net Sheets

Our commitment to transparency and honesty are reflected in the numbers we give to our clients.  Every exit strategy and option is quantified and the seller knows the impact of each decision with a net sheet that both attorney and client receive.

Additional Professional Services

Case Studies

How a vehicle and logistics stood in the way of a home sale


How the worst squatter property in history was handled at a distance

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How a difficult and unwanted resident was relocated in 4 days

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How two different properties needed two different solutions

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