Frequently Asked Questions

You can take what you want and leave the rest. Often times estate sale companies will not work with most peoples personal belongings and they can be a major expense. At Unbiased Options Real Estate, we will dispose of any and all trash, donate anything that is worth saving but that may be off of little to no monitary value, and then we will take an inventory of what needs to be sold. Any money received from the sale of any items is yours to keep.

Just like your home, we are happy to give you an as-is cash offer for your vehicle, or we can help facilitate the sale of the vehicle on your behalf. We can help you transfer the title if you are unsure of how the process works.

While most contracts require a date, we are flexible on closing dates and understand that a variety of factors may influence your ability to close. We understand that you may be ready to start the process of selling your home while not quite knowing when youll be ready to sell. Fortunately you can start the process with a flexible closing date making the timing seamless for you and anyone else involved

Whether your attorney charges you an hourly rate or a flat fee for your probate, they typically cost between $4,000 to $6,000 and can cost much more depending on the circumstances surrounding your probate. Many attorneys will allow you to pay them on the back end of the probate , through the sale of your home. If that is not the case, we can help pay for the cost of probate. Give us a call for more informaion.

The costs to sell a home depend on the way you sell it. If you choose to list your house for sale through us as your realtor, the average cost to sell your home is generally between 8 and 10% of the sales price. This will include commissions, transaction fees, insurance and more. If you choose to sell your home as it is to us there are no costs involved. We pay all closing costs, commissions, and fees to save you money wherever possible.

We can help you sell your current house as well as find you your next home making the transition simple. We can even adjust the sale of the home to line up with the purchase of your new home saving you money on storage units and avoiding multiple moves.

Yes, we work with some of the best attorneys in the valley. Whether you need eviction, probate, tax or litigation services etc, we know exactly who to introduce you to!

Squatters or bad tenants can be one of the hardest aspects of selling real estate. Fortunately we can help you not only relocate them but help cover the cost of doing so. Often times we can avoid and eviction and create a win win situation for everyone while relocating any unwanted residents.

The beauty of working with us is we can get you all your options for selling EACH piece of property you own. It’s common for homeowners to want to list one property with us as realtors and sell the other one to us directly as-is. You get to choose the best option for selling any and all real estate. Once you choose how you want to sell we’ll do the rest 🙂

We’ve helped countless homeowners sell real estate across state lines. Whenever we work with out of state sellers, we often rely on video chats and photos to document every step of the process. We will set you at ease with how often you are notified along the way of any and all progress during the sale of your home.

It can be very difficult to sell when family can’t get along. We pride ourselves on what we call “real estate therapy”. Typically we find having a heart to heart with everyone involved is the best first step. After identifying all your best options for selling we can then work on creating a consensus with everyone involved. The best chance to have everyone involved get along is by helping them understand the pros and cons of all their options for selling.

Good question! It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Realtors work for you and can help you get top dollar for your property but cant guarantee when the property will sell and how much it will sell for. Investors on the other hand can offer you certainty and convenience of sale in exchange for buying the house at a discount. Call us to learn more!