What is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist?

Unless your loved one places their estate into a living trust or a similar legal arrangement, their assets will likely need to pass through probate when they die. Probate is a complicated, and usually lengthy, court process where assets are sold or distributed, and any outstanding debts against the estate are settled. If your loved […]

Sell My House in Probate: Understanding the Process

Sell House in Probate

Sell My House in Probate: Understanding the Process Selling a house can be a daunting and difficult task, even during the best of times. But when the property is part of the probate process following a family member’s death, things can get even more complicated with high emotions involved. Understanding what happens when a house […]

Sell My Home: Choosing the Right Realtor for Probate Sales

Sell My Home: Choosing the Right Realtor for Probate Sales Introduction If you are put in a situation with a property in probate, you may feel stressed about handling the process. Here’s my best piece of advice if you want to lower your stress… don’t use your friend. This may be a natural choice for […]

The Importance of a Post Possession Agreement

30 Day Occupancy After Closing: How a Post Possession Agreement Will Save You During the stressful period of buying or selling a home, closing day may feel like the end of the transaction. But what if the seller needs more time in their home after the sale is completed? Here comes the 30 day occupancy […]

2024 Rankings of Companies that Buy Houses for Cash

2024 Best Companies That Buy for Cash

Selling to cash buyers is becoming an increasingly viable option for many homeowners. This has become especially true as interest rates have increased and the rising average market value of homes has created an affordability crisis. As a result, buyers are looking for move in ready homes and are less likely to buy fixer uppers […]

How the NAR Settlement Will Impact Homeowners and Real Estate Professionals in Arizona

How the National Association of Realtor Settlement will Change Real Estate in Arizona in 2024 Introduction The National Association of Realtors (NAR) Settlement announced in 2024 will bring significant changes within the real estate dynamics of Arizona. Once the pending court approval goes through, the NAR settlement will reshape how real estate transactions are conducted. […]