What is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist?

Unless your loved one places their estate into a living trust or a similar legal arrangement, their assets will likely need to pass through probate when they die. Probate is a complicated, and usually lengthy, court process where assets are sold or distributed, and any outstanding debts against the estate are settled. If your loved […]

Sell My House in Probate: Understanding the Process

Sell House in Probate

Sell My House in Probate: Understanding the Process Selling a house can be a daunting and difficult task, even during the best of times. But when the property is part of the probate process following a family member’s death, things can get even more complicated with high emotions involved. Understanding what happens when a house […]

Sell My Home: Choosing the Right Realtor for Probate Sales

Sell My Home: Choosing the Right Realtor for Probate Sales Introduction If you are put in a situation with a property in probate, you may feel stressed about handling the process. Here’s my best piece of advice if you want to lower your stress… don’t use your friend. This may be a natural choice for […]

Real Estate Mediation in Probate: Resolving Sibling Disputes

Real Estate Mediation in Probate Disputes: Keeping it Informal for Everyone’s Benefit Especially in probate and in inheritance situations, siblings often disagree on the best way to deal with the assets. Often, these disagreements end up in court, sorted out either through litigation or through formal probate.  Keeping things harmonious and informal hinges on getting […]

Mesa Probate Process: Navigating the Legalities of Inheritance

In the sun-soaked city of Mesa, Arizona, where the desert meets urban vitality, the passing of a loved one often brings not only emotional challenges but also the intricate legalities of inheritance. Navigating this complex landscape requires a comprehensive understanding of Mesa’s probate laws and the legal steps involved in settling an estate. In this […]

Smart Financial Strategies with Inheritance Funds in Mesa

In the sun-drenched city of Mesa, Arizona, residents often find themselves grappling with the responsibility and opportunity that comes with inheriting wealth. Navigating the complexities of managing inheritance funds requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore smart financial strategies tailored for Mesa residents, providing insights into how to make […]