Sell My House in Probate: Understanding the Process

Sell House in Probate

Sell My House in Probate: Understanding the Process Selling a house can be a daunting and difficult task, even during the best of times. But when the property is part of the probate process following a family member’s death, things can get even more complicated with high emotions involved. Understanding what happens when a house […]

How to Evict a Tenant Without a Lease in Arizona

How to Evict a Tenant Without a Lease in Arizona: Guide for Landlords Introduction As a landlord, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to evict a tenant without a lease. In Arizona, it’s entirely possible to proceed with the eviction even without a formal rental agreement. However, you must avoid common […]

How the NAR Settlement Will Impact Homeowners and Real Estate Professionals in Arizona

How the National Association of Realtor Settlement will Change Real Estate in Arizona in 2024 Introduction The National Association of Realtors (NAR) Settlement announced in 2024 will bring significant changes within the real estate dynamics of Arizona. Once the pending court approval goes through, the NAR settlement will reshape how real estate transactions are conducted. […]

Understanding the Mediation Process for Real Estate Disputes

The world of real estate is dynamic and complex, often accompanied by disputes that can disrupt transactions and relationships. In the vibrant city of Mesa, Arizona, real estate mediation stands as a valuable tool for resolving conflicts amicably. As you prepare for your informal mediation session in Mesa, it’s crucial to approach the process with […]

Resolving Arizona Real Estate Disputes: The Benefits of Mediation

Use a Mediator to Resolve a Real Estate Dispute in Arizona Introduction Real estate transactions in Arizona can be fraught with disputes, whether you’re a Realtor, a first-time home buyer, or a seller. Issues may arise from undisclosed property information, repair and inspection problems, breaches of duty by real estate professionals, earnest money disputes, and […]

Understanding the Corporate Transparency Act Reporting Requirements

Understanding the Corporate Transparency Act Reporting Requirements Introduction Three and a half years have passed since the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) came into effect in January 2021. This landmark legislation aims to enhance transparency in corporate structures, making it easier for authorities to track illegal activities such as money laundering and fraud. As we delve […]